Vertical Transportation

View of a hand selecting an elevator keypadEMCOR Government Services (EGS) provides vertical transportation consulting, maintenance, and inspection services for all types of buildings.

Averaging 35 years of industry experience, our full-time staff is licensed, certified, and prepared to help design or optimize your new or existing systems.

Our team provides national elevator services maintenance contracts to over 2,000 buildings nationwide. We partner with some of the nation’s best-known companies, who select EGS because of our reputation for cost savings and improved elevator performance.

A Suite of Services Including Maintenance, Modernizations, and New Construction

Regular preventive maintenance is essential for keeping elevator systems and other vertical transportation equipment running effectively and safely. Our maintenance professionals have hands-on experience working with virtually every major elevator brand on variety of equipment, including high-rise, freight, and commercial elevators; escalators; moving walkways; docks; and more.

Our services include:


  • Performance reporting
  • Equipment assessments

Modernization services

  • Equipment surveys
  • Code compliance reviews
  • ADA compliance consulting
  • Construction services

Asset reviews and capital planning

Certified Consulting Services

Elevators come in frequent, often daily contact with tenants and are some of the most highly utilized systems in a building, accounting for a significant portion of energy costs.  Our qualified consultants help ensure these vital pieces of equipment are running optimally, providing clear analysis, value-driven recommendations, and important compliance documentation.

Our consulting services extend to new construction and cab modernization projects, as well as post-construction performance inspections to make sure your vertical transportation systems are up-to-code and functional.

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