Blair House

EGS assessed and delivered solutions related to problems with water infiltration on the grounds of Blair House.

Exterior view of the Blair House

Value Delivered

EMCOR Government Services (EGS) provided facilities maintenance and repair services at Blair House and the surrounding grounds. Our architectural and structural team was asked to investigate continual water infiltration, provide as-built documents to facilitate grounds maintenance and garden restoration, and develop a scope of work to remediate issues.

EGS successfully coordinated with a robust project team that included State Department facilities and construction managers, an independent board that oversees the maintenance of the privately-endowed Ross Garden, and a landscape architect and horticulturist retained by the board. We devised a highly efficient yet cost-effective facilities solution matrix that reduced disruption to Blair House guests during both the investigation and construction phases.

Client Objectives

Blair House had for a significant period of time been negatively impacted by water seepage into the service areas below the garden. EGS’ detailed assessment determined that the liquid-applied waterproofing system, initially installed to prevent water intrusion into the space below, had failed—causing periodic leakage that significantly impacted facility operations.

Key objectives for this project included:

  • Eliminate potential erosion within the landscaped areas
  • Restore the integrity of waterproof barriers at the building envelope
  • Help ensure the long-term stability of the structure supporting the garden
  • Precisely restore the current garden design, using existing plant material where possible and replacing older and unhealthy specimens
  • Maintain minimal disruptions to Blair House guests and operations during the project


EGS delivered project solutions that seamlessly addressed the complex issues facing the Blair House facility, including:

  • Remediation of water leakage from hardscaped garden area into below-grade surfaces at Blair House
  • Performing a thorough and accurate analysis of the issue before development of facilities management plan to manage it
  • Coordination with State Department horticulturist to navigate delicate process of temporary plant removal before eventual re-installation
  • Providing construction administration services, including preparing drawings and laying out specifications for proper solutions delivery

Client Background

Blair House is the guest residence of the President of the United States of America and a key Department of State facility. It is a National Historic Landmark.