EMCOR Group Safety Excellence Award - Site-Based Company

EGS Safety Award Winner_350x263.jpgEMCOR Government Services (EGS) earned a 2021 EMCOR Group, Inc. Safety Excellence Award thanks to their robust safety training system and the enthusiastic participation—at every level of the organization—in their safety program.

Company-wide engagement with their safety program is encouraged from day one, as the CEO presents every employee with a stop work authority lanyard card. And, to further emphasize the paramount importance of safety to the organization, every employee has the CEO’s mobile number for any questions or concerns.

EGS’ training commitment includes OSHA 10 for all staff, OSHA 30 for supervisors, NFPA70E training, and mandatory weekly toolbox talks presented by all site-based staff, not just supervisors. All operations staff become 501 trainers, and hierarchy of controls is taught in all recurring training. Extra efforts to work safely are recognized through EGS’ ongoing safety awards program.

To identify any risks, pre-task planning is always performed before starting each task. This helps prevent miscalculations that might result from routine work. Safety goals are established for all operations, and all site level teams must update safe work practices in conformance with the company’s injury and illness prevention program.

Knowing that safety includes everyone, EGS also requires vendors to submit their safety performance for the past three years, and their detailed safety program. All vendors are advised that if EGS has to stop work due to a vendor’s safe-work issues, corrections must be made without any change order fees.

Any incident that interrupts business is reported, regardless of severity, and any injured and all associated personnel are interviewed in person. Supervisors and employees complete investigative documents, witness statements are recorded, and root cause analysis is performed.

By investing in training, equipping, and supporting everyone—early and often— EGS’ safety approach has earned them this recognition and made them a model for other EMCOR Group, Inc. companies.

Injury and Incidence Frequency Data:

Total Recordable incidence rate, 2021: 0.23
Total Recordable incidence rate, 2020: 1.04

DART rate, 2021: 0.00
DART rate, 2020: 0.23

Total employee hours worked, 2021: 1,711,657.08
Total employee hours worked, 2020: 1,729,355.44