Andrea M. Moore bio picture

Andrea M. Moore

Executive Director, Contracts

Value Delivered

Andrea provides well-organized, tightly integrated management of $280 million in government and commercial contracts with a staff of four contracts professionals along with a contracts coordinator. Her meticulous, tenacious and knowledgeable approach ensures that clients and subcontractors get solid, predictable execution of contract responsibilities with accurate and timely reporting. In addition, by combining detailed research and documentation of contract issues with honest and forthright communications, she creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and integrity that allows her to resolve thorny contractual problems, while avoiding acrimonious misunderstandings and costly litigation.

Government Contract Management Expertise

Backed by 30 years of contract management experience, Andrea has developed her own pragmatic approach for effectual federal and commercial contracts management; that results in EMCOR teams and their clients being able to expect consistent, seamless and reliable management throughout the contract life cycle. She works continually with our clients as well as our EMCOR teams to develop collaborative, constructive and mutually beneficial relationships; and is often called upon to provide independent and equitable resolution for difficult situations.

Prior to joining EMCOR Government Services, she advanced rapidly at Ogden Services Corporation and the Charles E. Smith Companies with increasingly demanding and challenging roles and positions; resulting in a broad understanding of business and accounting systems.

Andrea holds bachelor's and associate degrees from the University of Maryland University College and Strayer College, respectively, as well as a master's certificate in government contracts from George Washington University School of Business and Public Administration in Washington DC. She is a member of the National Contracts Management Association (NCMA).

The Personal Side

Andrea is married with a son and daughter. She enjoys having fun with her family and her best girlfriends. Additionally, she enjoys Church and other community services.