About Us

Close up of United States flag outside of an office buildingEMCOR Government Services (EGS) offers an experienced single-source solution for meeting the routine and mission-critical needs of federal, state, local, and other government organizations.

By combining our expert professional technicians, commercial best practices, extensive facilities knowledge, and strong commitment to reliable responsive service, we enable our government clients to achieve consistently high-performance facilities and long-term value.

We are structured to provide a unique alternative to traditional government building contracts and contractors. We offer:

  • Experience serving a blend of commercial and government businesses, servicing more than 75% of the Fortune 500® - which provides diversity, flexibility, innovation, and commercial best practices.
  • A corporate infrastructure that includes a knowledge center in energy management, engineering, work management, construction services, and quality and safety, providing technical depth and contingency resources.

At EGS, we are known for our commercial and government building maintenance and operations experience and we are chosen for our total facilities management expertise in HVAC, mechanical, electrical, and energy services.

Our Focus and Vision

With our vast array of services and resources, EGS can provide our customers with an unmatched level of service. The commitment of our staff to meet or exceed the customers’ expectations will always be second to none. Each day we strive to be flexible and agile in responding to our client’s needs. Businesses change and flex, and we need to be engaged and connected to our clients to meet these demands.  We are—and will always be—our clients “Trusted Advisor.”

“Known for our experience—chosen for our relationship and trust.”